Frequently Asked Questions


If you’ve got a question about KETTLE® Chips not covered here, get in touch and we’ll soon get back to you.

  • Why do you say 'No added MSG'?

    Many manufacturers add MSG to artificially enhance the flavour of their snacks; Kettle Foods do not. However, glutamate is naturally present in many foods which is why as a responsible company, we feel it is right to say ‘no added MSG’ and not ‘No MSG’.

  • Do any of your products contain nuts or sesame seeds?

    None of the KETTLE® Chips range contains nuts or sesame seeds and we do not handle these in our factory.

  • How do I know KETTLE® Chips are suitable for my dietary requirements?

    You can find dietary information for all our chips on this site, explore the range here.

  • Are you going to launch any new flavours?

    You never know! Any new seasonings will appear in the Our Hand Cooked Chips section.

  • Why are KETTLE® Chips bags big in comparison to the amount of chips?

    To ensure that KETTLE® Chips reach you in good condition, we fill our bags with air. This doesn’t mean you’re getting any less chips – the weight displayed on the packet refers only to the weight of actual potato chips in the bag. The air you get for free.

  • Where is the nearest place I can buy KETTLE® Chips?

    Take a look at our where to buy KETTLE® page for a list of stockists. If you’re still having trouble tracking some down, email us and we’ll do our best to help you.

  • Who owns Kettle Foods Ltd?

    Kettle Foods Ltd is owned by Valeo Foods Group, who took us on board in October 2019.