Our Range


Our Chef carefully creates the best combinations of real food ingredients and we only use those in the products we make. We never add anything artificial. No artificial flavours or colours, or MSG… It’s why we are proud to say our products are seasoned, not flavoured.


Hand Cooked Potato Chips

We use the best potatoes we can find, hand cook them with care in small batches, then season with our own seasonings created using the best real ingredients.

So what you get is crunchy, tasty chips, each one a little different from the last but all equally as delicious.

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Veg Chips

We’ve extended our seasoning expertise beyond potato chips and have put our passion in creating these foodie veg chips. The classic Sea Salt seasoning is now accompanied by the iconic Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar, and the scrumptious Honey & Black Pepper.

Made with sweet beetroot, earthy parsnip and crunchy sweet potato, these products offer the pleasure of mixing tastes and textures in every mouthful.

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