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Timeline image for 1978

Cameron Healy founded Kettle Foods in Oregon USA, with the aim of providing high quality, naturally sourced products. Cameron took to the road in an old van selling cheese and roasted nuts to natural food stores.



Cameron first sampled the delights of home-made potato chips on a Hawaiian beach and it changed everything. Once home, he immediately began experimenting with traditional chip production methods. It took a while but soon KETTLE® Chips was born.

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While on a motorcycle adventure through Europe, Cameron and his son discovered the British love of crisps, prompting him to establish Kettle Foods in the UK.



Kettle Foods is launched in the UK! We chose Norfolk as our home so we were as close as possible to many of our potato growers. Our first home was in an old shoe factory, and there the very first British KETTLE® Chips were produced.

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Cameron got talking to Chef Chris Barnard and their shared passion for food and ingredients was the start of a great working relationship, Chris joined us immediately and set to work creating recipes and sourcing the very best ingredients.



We moved from our old shoe factory to Barnard Road in Norwich where we still are to this day.

We also started sharing our great tasting chips with our European neighbours through selected premium food importers and distributors.

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Our first hero seasoning was born from a twist on a British classic. The now iconic Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar was launched.



Due to the increasing popularity of our chips in Europe, we launched a special range on the continent including new seasonings such as Sea Salt, Rosemary & Garlic.

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A busy year. It didn’t start well, with a fire causing serious damage to the factory, but thanks to the dedication and determination of our staff we were up and running after only a week.

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In a phoenix-like rebirth and in the most fitting way we could think of, we hit the UK highways in a camper van led convoy; giving out free samples to anyone we met – just like Cameron all those years ago.

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A much better year for us; KETTLE® Chips became available in more outlets in Europe than ever before, meaning more and more people could enjoy our delicious hand cooked chips!

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After 27 years of creating amazing seasonings, our Head Chef Chris Barnard decides to bow out and retire. Phil Hovey, another great local chef, joins the team ready to step up to the mantle.


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Inspired by delights tasted in the South of Europe, we have stripped back our Sea Salt, Rosemary & Garlic seasoning to a more simple and fresh Sea Salt & Rosemary.

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